Sneak Peak at the Arduino TRE


Partnering with TI, (Texas Instruments)  Arduino has created the most powerful model to date. The Arduino TRE. This is the first Arduino able to run “Full Linux”, meaning that users will be able to run desktop applications and high speed communication. Due to the new 1-GHz Sitara AM335x processor users will get up to 100 times more performance out of the TRE then the Leonardo or the UNO. IN a recent post on Arduino blog, Author Zoe Romano says…

In addition, the Arduino TRE is partially the result of a close collaboration between Arduino and the foundation. These open hardware pioneers share a passion for expanding open source development and making technology accessible for artists, designers and hobbyists. The TRE design builds upon the experience of both Arduino and BeagleBoard, combining the benefits of both community based boards.

So look forward to more information on Arduino’s new micrcontroller, it is scheduled to be available Spring 2014, but you can see it live at Maker Faire Rome.


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