GBA4IOS hack allows third party app download without a jailbreak


I recently bought the new iPhone 5c with iOS 7 preloaded. I was browsing the internet when I saw a link for downloading a GBA emulator on your iPhone without jailbreaking it. Initially I thought that this must be a joke, scam, or virus? But with further research I learned that, not only was it legit, it works very well! Its a simple installation and I will walk you through installing the app, installing games, and how to fix it if it crashes.

Step1 – This is the most important step. Set your iOS devices date back before January 2012. This is the exploit that allows the third party app to install, without this your app will be corrupt and will not function properly.

Step2- On your device visit …

And navigate to the download section.
Step3- Scroll down until you find GBA4ios  and click install. Wait a few moments and you should be redirected to your home screen where an app is being installed.
Step4 – When it is finished installing tap on it to launch it, you should see a list of white spaces, this is where your games will be located when you install them. So lets get some games! Note – Your iOS device’s date must be set before January 2012 to install games
Step5 – For this step we are going to install a classic favorite, Pokemon Fire Red. If you open GBA4ios and click the search bar in the top right corner you will be redirected to in safari.
Step6 – Now search for Pokemon Fire red and slick download. This might take a little bit of time but eventually a screen will pop up with the file on it. There will be an “Open With” option, tap that and select GBA4ios.
Step7 – Go back to your app and select Pokemon Fire Red, you should see the game start up.
Congratulations! Your iOS device now functions as a Game Boy Advance, the download process is the same for all games. once you have the games installed you can set the date back to auto. If the app refuses to open the go set the date back, open the app, then set the date back to auto. Your app will now work. Comment below if you have any questions about the installation process.
Note – Along with this app there are several other applications you can download through…

 Such as a NDS emulator, a GBC emulator, a SNES emulator, a Torrent Client, and a screen recorder.




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