Nook Simple Touch hacked into an Android Tablet


With the release of the last Harry Potter movie (Deathly Hallows Part Two) there were several parties going on at local businesses. My brother participated in one of these parties and took 2nd place for his costume. His prize, a Nook Simple Touch. If you’ve ever played with one of these e-readers you would know how limited their functionality is. The home screen shows your recent books you’ve read and has a link to the online store. He had no need for it, being a 7 year old, and it was given to me. After reading a few books on it, I cast it aside thinking I would never find an actual use for it.

But recently that thought changed, I read an article on someone who put Android operating system onto their Nook Simple Touch. I was ecstatic that I finally had a use for this junky e-reader. Using a Micro SD card and Touchnooter, a boot loader found online, I was able to install and run the Android OS on the Nook ST. The screen refresh is almost unbearable to work with, but using a NO REFRESH hack I was able to work around that. I will post a video soon with a demonstration on the Nook ST Android tablet.  I am currently able to run the Android app store and install .apk files from there, and use Opera Mobile as an internet browser. If you are “fortunate” enough to have one of these tablets I strongly recommend looking up Touchnooter and attempting to hack your own e-reader. I keep mine in my tool bag and use it as an emergency hacker tablet. It is able to communicate with Arduino the same way an android phone would, though i’m not sure what use it would really have. For now, I will use mine as a virtual file folder and GBC emulator. Let me know what you think with a comment below.


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