DIY minecraft steve head mod

I was at the mall recently and came across a cardboard steve head at slackers (a video game and music store). Minecraft is the hit video game developed by Notch and licensed to Mojang. In this game you try to survive in a sandbox environment by mining Ores and developing more advanced tools and weapons. Steve is the main character of this game and is the pre-loaded skin for all players. After purchasing my new toy I did what I usually do, I tried to Mod it. I started out adding the headphones on the outside shown in the picture below. To make these I took the printed design (drawn in photoshop) and glued it onto cardboard to show the 3D effect. I then hot glued the Headphones to Steve’s head and let it dry.


photo 1



After finishing the headphones I played around with it and realized it would be super cool if those headphones actually worked… So I grabbed the speakers and Aux cable from this weeks edition of “Who’s Hungry?” where we canibalized a ¬†speaker set. I drilled holes in the head and attached the speakers thusly. Then I soldered in the Auxiliary cable and was able to get the speakers to play music when its hooked up to my iPhone.

photo 2



The speakers are awesome and people don’t believe me when I tell them that these “cardboard” speakers work. The face they get when I start playing music from the head is priceless. The design was simple and the result is epic! Definitely one of my favorite mods, and just in time for halloween.

photo 3


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