Another key lesson in hobby robots/electronics

Good tips! Jumper wires are a must have and a huge time saver!

Tesla and I

Following on from my second post, I just remembered some more key lessons that I learnt the hard way:

1. Molex / dupont / 2.54mm crimps…

   Go on ebay, get at least 100 male and 100 female, and a some 4 pin housings to put them in (you could go larger or smaller, but I find 4 pin housings to be a good alrounder). Use them generously, treat them like a consumable. It makes it so much easier when you have neat, insulated connections for you cables, and can separate modules simply by pulling appart two plugs.

 crimp housing 4 way 2female crimp 2male crimp 2

2. Get a crimping tool…
   Get a decent crimping tool to make it easy to use the above crimps.

crimp tool 2

3. Tin your soldering iron…
   Tin the hell out of your soldering iron, and do so regularly. Just google how to do it and buy a big roll of solder. Don’t fret…

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