Who’s Hungry? Cannibalizing a rubik’s slide

photo 1

This strange looking toy is the Rubik’s companies attempt to create an electronic puzzle cube style game. The Rubik’s Slide is a speed based game where you have to slide the corners to change the shapes on the LED Matrix to make a certain shape. The game itself is fun for a while but gets old fast, and apparently  breaks easily. I recently found my Rubik’s Slide (I recently moved) and was disappointed to see that it was no longer functional. So this week we will be cannibalizing this toy and I hope to get some good electronic components as well as some structural parts.

To open this up I removed the battery cover and removed four hidden screws. The inside snapped out into three pieces connected with wire through the center to separate these I snipped the wires. The picture below shows the internals…

photo 2

After cutting the wires and separating the three layers I was able to remove the circuit boards. There were about 4 unusable buttons that got scrapped and the LEDs were unable to be removed. Besides that I got the following parts…

– The top 3x3x3 panel for a LED matrix

– The center as a plastic structure

– The bottom battery holder

– 1 Three way switch

– One speaker (It’s Green!)

– 5 push button

– 4 Pins

– Various plastic pieces

photo 3


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