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Yes, the new iPhone 5 will be out later this week, and yes, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will hit the shelves before Christmas. But that’s old news. Here’s our rundown of the most exciting gadgets arriving in 2014. 

Meta SpaceGlasses

How would you like a mediated reality? One where objects both real and virtual interact seamlessly? That’s precisely what new start-up company Meta wants to offer.
Just like Tony Stark in Iron Man, the Meta SpaceGlasses present virtual objects in the real world and let you interact with them, helping you sculpt a virtual vase with your hands, for example. From there you can ‘carry’ it over to your 3D printer where it’ll be printed, giving you a physical version of your digital model.
It sounds like science fiction but, as Meta has already demonstrated, all the vital ingredients to make these specs already exist. A Kinect…

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