Printing Guns?! How 3D Printing Weapons is in the Near Future

Amber McGuckin

There is an emerging player in the gun debate, 3D printers. I was reading news clips on the CTV app, when I came across an article revealing that Ottawa is worried about the prospect of 3D printed guns. Now, maybe you’re like me and confused about how a printer can manufacture a real gun.

CTV News Channel: Lab produces 3D printed gunsHere is how 3D printing works:

-you create a document online (like a blue print/ printing instructions)

-send the file to the 3D printer

-the printer then stacks layers of plastic to create a gun

Check out the CTV article here:

Now it is just the one part of the gun, the part that apparently makes it a gun, that you can print. Here is a documentary on the topic featuring a pioneer in gun printing in the United States. He believes that everyone should have access to a gun, and has devoted his career to making that happen.


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