3D Peachy Printer And Scanner Launches For $100

design research 'derken!?'

If you are looking for a 3D printer you might be interested in a new creation called the 3D Peachy Printer which has launched on Kickstarter this month and already blasted past its pledge goal.

The 3D Peachy Printer is available to purchase for around $100 and has been designed to be an affordable, small, lightweight, and unique 3D printer in a class all it’s own.

“The peachy printer is a Photolithographic printer. That means it uses a controlled beam of light to cure light sensitive resin into hard objects. The peachy moves a laser beam along the X and Y axes to create the shape of the object, while using a drip system to control the level of the resin on the Z axis which determines the height of the object.

The object you want to print must first become a 3D model in Blender. The software we wrote…

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