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iPhone 5S Touch ID Hack

2 days… “Starburg knows Whats up”


German hacker, Starbug, created a silicone fingerprint mold to successfully override his iPhone 5S touch ID in less than 2 days.

Starbug knows what’s up.

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World’s first chocolate 3D printer

Looks Tasty! I could have my chocolate in any form I want… Cubes, Spheres, Dogs, Cats, Swords Dragons, A chocolate Arduino!


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Light Bouquet

To fly for a regular bouquet of flowers? Impress your girlfriend with this!

Robotic Arts


Back in 2010 I made a series of illustrations featuring incandescent bulbs. Since the light bulb is the symbol for the birth of an idea, I played on this visually for a while, using them in place of blades of grass, flowers, and the like.


Like my delta robot army, this project was inspired by these ‘idea’ illustrations from the past. I have always wanted to make a bouquet of light bulbs that was portable, and finally with the right materials and a little push from my friend… I sat down this week and made it happen.

A couple of months ago my collaborator Mark picked up a plastic transparent Christmas ornament from the craft store and suggested I use something like it as an alternative to actual glass. I agreed with him, but the Christmas bulbs weren’t the quirky up-side-down pear shape incandescent bulbs are, and the plastic had…

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3D Printer Made from E-waste in Africa

What an amazing individual! Truly an inspiration to all DIY enthusiasts. Canibalize and Modify.


We throw away millions of tons of e-waste every year and barely manage to recycle more than 15-20%. [Kodjo Afate Gnikou] is a 33-year old African who has just finished off a 3D printer built almost entirely out of e-waste.

He started the project months ago on Ulule, a European crowdfunding site, and had raised more than €4,000 to develop the idea. It was designed and built in WoeLab, which is the first hackerspace in western Africa. The printer is based on the classic Prusa Mendel, which they had available in the hackerspace.

The goal of the project was to create a 3D printer that is very easy to reproduce using a majority of recycled components. In the end, they succeeded and it only cost $100 to manufacture — while it doesn’t say what the purchased components are, it’s safe to assume they would have to be the main…

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